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Packaging machinery
Cellophane overwrapping machine for biscuit perfume cigarette boxes boîtes machines de suremballage

The boxes cellophane Wrapping Machine is widely applicable to automatic film packaging various single-piece or slice-shaped collective articles with a gold tear tape, such as the bulk playing cards, Saqima, removable self-stick notes, notepaper, and wafer biscuit.
Performance Characteristics:

3D overwrapping machine.jpg

1. The machine integrated with electrical ,pneumatic, mechanical , working stable and reliable ,three cams design is the newest innovative and had patent and CE approved .
2. Quality product with imported components ,such as Omron temperature controller ,NSK bearing. And all frame are made by SS 304.
3. Uses inverter to control the speed, so could adjust according to the operation need.
4. The mould change easy ,without dismantle drive chain ,hopper .save time greatly .
5. New type double safeguard construction , won’t broke machine parts for any incident .
6. One way hand wheel prevent from backward operation, and protect worker’s safety when the machine operates for still hand wheel .
7. New type dual cutting knife replace traditional single knife, so could use for very long time.
Basic parameter of model YX-99 Cellophane overwrapping machine for biscuit perfume cigarette gift boxes boîtes machines de suremballage:

details for overwrapping.jpg

Model YX-99
Packing Material BOPP film and gold tear tape
Packing Speed  40~80 packs/min
Packing Size  (L)240×(W)120×(H)60mm
Electric Supply & Power  220V 50Hz  5kw
Weight  500kg
Overall Dimensions  (L)2000×(W)700×(H)1400mm
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