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filling capping labeling
coconut oil jars washing drying filling capping labeling line filler l¨ªnea llenado de aceite coco

coconut oil jars washing drying filling capping labeling line automated filler línea de llenado de aceite de coco designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like automatic coconut oil filling line from A to Z and such like.We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.
Yesterday our customer Kumar and his boss Fernando came to our factory for a visit on  our machine(1 whole line for his coconut oil jars washing-drying-filling-capping-labeling-shrinking)
and the flour granules packaging equipment .We spent a whole afternoon for a talk with  each other about talking of it after we picked up our south asia customer from the Hotel.

filling machines automatic line for oil.jpg

When our customer was satified at our production line and factory equipment back to our showroom.followingly we finally continuing our disussion for all the line including additional flour  weighing stiching machine semi automatic line for 10-50kg and the bags with zipper powder packing equipment for bags 500ml-2000ml .
Today we will finalize the payment for the whole equipment according to our discussed project
after our engineer department draws the project.
As below there is the basic information for this line
1.conconut jars washing machine 4 heads
2.drying tunnel for removing water from inner-outer side jars
3.two heads filling line with pneumatic controlling system
4.Jars capping machine with/out caps lifter-faller
5.labeling machine for top-body of jars
6.sleeve labeling machine for counterfeit labels
7.flour filling sticking machine semi automatic line
8.zipper bags packing machine VFFS for powder packing
9.the accessory equipment for the above-mentioned machines
Regarding the filling machine part it has the features as below:

filling machine for oil.jpg

This type of machine can be used for fixed amount small package filling,straight line type filling, metical,
electric, apparatus control of all sorts of viscous and no viscous,erosive liquid,such as plant oil c
hemical,liquid,daily chemical industry.
It is rather simple and rapid to change items,the design is quite distinct,the property is Very
advantageous,its appearance corresponds to international concept for mechanical equipment.
It has applied SIEMENS PLC computerized control,from Germany.
It has intellectual,protection function.
Vacuum drop prevention device guarantees there Should be absolutely no drop or leakage during production.
There is a switch for step progressive type supply and continuous supply.
Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery such as coconut oil jars washing drying filling capping labeling line automated filler línea de llenado de aceite de coco,please email via or browse our website
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drawing of jars sent from Sri lanka customer.jpg