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Blending Tank
Skin care products cream vacuum emulsifier COSMETIC&FOOD&PHARMA Making Mixer Filling Packing MACHINE

The skin care making machine for SKIN CARE PRODUCTS like facial cream or toner or whitening powder from our factory in cosmetic&food&pharmaceutical making and packaging machinery MANUFACTURER can meet the great demands in the beauty products in domestical and overseas market.

emulsifier vacuum for cream.jpg

On 17th July Guangzhou YADUN cosmetic factory start its production line in skin care production after buying the 500L vacuum emulsifying machine from our factory in Cometic machinery who finished the design and manufacture as well as installation of 500L vacuum homogenizing mixer for the customers.
We a long-existed manufacturer since 1992 has been committing herself to designing and manufacturing various filling packaging machinery like skin care products¡¢shampoo making machine¡¢filling machines as well as packaging equipments ,semi automatic series which are prevailed in the small factory with start-up of business,or fully automatic series that often dominates automatic production line from mega-enterprise, for thousands of customers in cosmetic&food&pharmaceutical industry from home and abroad.WE qualified CE certificate¡¢SGS¡¢ISO certificates ,and have teamed an experience engeering team that can help our customer to solve many troubles during the production and layout of plant,no mentioned of the operation of our various machines manufactured from us that we should offer the all-for-life services including installation of machines in customer's assigned place-presenting files in both written documents and visual files in shooting videos about how-to during operating our mixing-filling-sealing-labeling-capping-packaging equipments.

vacuum emulsifier for food cream (2).jpg

For more information about our Cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery like the skin care cream vacuum emulsifier machine,Please feel free to contact us online by business Email or browse our another company blogsite http://www.cosmeticmachinery.blogspot... as well as youtube hub at we believe that a sea of helpful information in your need offered from our factory will make you clear in what you need and what to do next step for your business plan.
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