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Company£ºSHENZHEN PENGLAI Industrial Corporation Limited

Factory Address£º B406,third floor,Dongmanjidi ,Yijing Road,Luohu district,Shenzhen City, China

OFFICE ADDRESS£º Block A2, First floor,Chaolian Building,838# by 105 National Road,Panyu District,Guangzhou City,China

Contact£ºJack Du
Cel£º +86-15811882441
Phone£º +86-20-84206097

Industry news
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[Industry news] 2015-08-16 China devalues its currency :What you need to know? export boosting for made-in-china products
[Industry news] 2015-06-14 China shareholder played stock market losing money more than 1.7Million RMB jumped off a building
[Industry news] 2015-04-04 Chinese CPI in March between 1.3%-1.4% China data heighten fears of deflation
[Industry news] 2015-03-07 China February HSBC PMI at 7 month high but deflation risk persists chinese economy society
[Industry news] 2015-02-12 CPI China up to 0.8% inflation hits five-year low since 2009 chinese economy in recession
[Industry news] 2015-02-09 first month foreign trading Report China 2015 with10.8 Pct fall in Jan chinese new year approaching
[Industry news] 2015-01-27 China Manufacturing PMI Climbs To 49.8 In January HSBC,hardlanding of chinese economy in 2015 ?
[Industry news] 2015-01-26 Strong CNY may spur Chinese outbound investment into Europe The dollar will again shake the world
[Industry news] 2015-01-21 China's growth slowest for 24yrs while its GDP Volume surpasses 60 trillion Chinese Yuan
[Industry news] 2015-01-08 Diving oil price may change the world economy fiancial Framework USD Gold market RMB rate energy enviroment
[Industry news] 2015-01-02 China's official December PMI reading seen dipping to 18 month low China Manufacturing Output Index
[Industry news] 2015-01-01 Happy New year to all customers&friends for 2015 PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION LIMITED
[Industry news] 2014-12-25 RMB falls on five consecutive days against USD hitting lowest point for 5 months financial market
[Industry news] 2014-12-21 How e commerce is changing China Alibaba Changes Lives in China Social Data Future
[Industry news] 2014-12-21 Canton fair for packing machine industry annual attendance from PENGLAI corporation limited
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