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small semi automatic machines
inline metal cans leak detecting equipment automatic linear glass bottles leakage detector machinery

linear metal cans glass bottles leakage detector equipment automatic inline container leak dection equipment

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Adopting PLC control, enhance the flexibility of enlarging functions. Man-machine interface screen operating, simple and fast. Four-station testing together, promoting the productivity, reducing the waste, saving costs.

Testing speed:3600-4800/hour 
Conveyor belt length: 2000mm
Electrical jack capacity:910mm-1200mm

feature of YX-LD series inline metal cans detector equipment

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  1. High precision:High stability:able to detect any tiny and important leak
  2. Easy to operate:PLC procedure from the central control room and the man-computer interface operation can store up set values of multiple and different types of products.Thus its easy to recall and switchover when detecting different products.
  3. Nondestructive examinateion:Does not need the operator to explain
  4. Has two kind of systems:the manual control system and the high speed online system
  5. Enhance production efficiency ,cut wastage,cost saving
  6. The detection object include the empty bottle/pot and after filling bottle/pot
  7. Detectable sizes from 5milliliters to 220litres of plastic containers.
  8. High speed online leak detection:The PG quickest equipment may achieve 36,000 bottles /hour
  9. Individuality design:All models can be custom-made according to the product characteristic and customer requirement
  10. Excellent cost performance

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PENGLAI YX series push out leak detection equipments which include manual operation system and automatic online detection system according to the product characteristic and the customer specific requirement,meanwhile researched and developed a series of automatic high speed rotating multi-stations online leak detection equipment for bottle and pot under the request of mass production from customers,thus satisfies the needs in the industries of food,drug and other canned industries.