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Packaging machinery
Water filling and packing into bags&Liquid packing machinery Liquid Bag filler packaging equipment

The liquid filling packing machine is widely used in milk, soy milk, all kinds of drink, soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, etc. Various kinds of liquid film packaging; Ultraviolet radiation sterilization, materials bag in full bloom, date printing and quantitative filling, sealing cutting off, automatic counting one-time automatically, heat sealing and the temperature automatic control, packing product is beautiful rocky, shell, piping, disinfector, quantitative pump adopt stainless steel structure, ensure sanitation.

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Features of liquid bags single or laminated film layer bags packing machine
1. Automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing for pillow pouch packaging.
2. Two types suit for single layer PE film and laminated films.
3. PLC controller and A Pattern calibration photoelectric controller device, ensure the patterns will be complete and      beautiful.
4. Quantitative piston pump filling ensure packaging volume can be adjusted within accurate range.
Main Technological Data of Liquid filling packaging machine:

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Model   YX-LP1000
Producton Capacity   1500-2100BAGS/MIN
Filling Range  100-500ML
Size of bag(mm) L   30-120MM(L)
Size of bag(mm) W  120-160MM(W)
Total Power(W)   1.2KW 220V/380V
Weight(KG)   370KG
Overall Dimension   750(L)×850(W)×1750(H)MM
 Packing Dimension :   850(L)×800(W)×2000(H)MM

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