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small semi automatic machines
cosmetic bottles labeling machine semi automatic date coding printer máquina de etiquetado botellas

Working principle on round bottles labeling machine with expiry date coding function máquina de etiquetado de botellas model YX-L60T
Imported intelligent high-accuracy magic eye and high reliable Computer chip program controller (PLC) control the label and the case, label, using rubber roller pinned bottle the non-drying label followed the bottle in the bottle and put on rotating.

model YX-L60T labeling machinery.jpg

Semi-automatic Round Bottle Labeler Labeling machine,
suit for all kinds of cylindrical objects.
Specifications of  model YX-L60T cosmetic bottles labeling machine semi automatic with date coding printer máquina de etiquetado botellas:
Model YX-L60T
Accuracy: ±0.5mm Speed: 25 - 50pcs per minute
Available Bottle OD : 10 ~ 150mm Label Width: 8 ~ 150mm
Label Length: 15 ~ 315mm Label Roll ID: 76mm
Max. OD of Label Roll: 250mm
Power Supply: 220/110V 50/60Hz Power Rating: 120W
Dimension: 650×450×450mm
Weight: 55kg

coding function labeling equipment.jpg

1, Efficiency is as high as 50 times/minutes.
2, Labeling affect is perfect, no creases, no bubble, grade high, to increase product competitiveness.
3, Labeling bottle adjustable, meeting different before and after the workpiece labeling needs.
4, The brand PLC and sensor etc electronic components, performance more stable.
5, Modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low.
6, bottle labelers enable the user to label all kinds of cylindrical objects
7, High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically

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