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Blending Tank
Explanation on blending homogenizing cooling water processing of tilting vacuum mixing machine

The clip of this machine operation video offers the explanation on blending homogenizing cooling water processing of vacuum homogenizing mixing machine.On the spot our USA customers attend for it and feedback positively.

vacuum emulsifier for food cream (1).jpg

Homogenization requires the ingredients to be processed until of a uniform globule or particle size. For most products, including creams, ointments, sauces, flavoring emulsions and pharmaceutical suspensions, this requires a globule or droplet size in the range of 2 -- 5 microns.
This can be achieved using a  Mixer Homogenizer. The precision machined workhead generates exceptionally high shear rates in a three stage mixing/homogenizing process; The high speed rotor draws materials into the workhead where they are intensely mixed.

button controlling system for vacuum mixer.jpg

Centrifugal force then drives the materials to the periphery of the workhead and subjects them to mechanical shear in the precision gap between the rotor and stator. This is followed by intense hydraulic shear, as the product is forced through the stator screen at high velocity and circulated back into the mix. Fresh material is continually drawn into the workhead, progressively reducing globule or particle size and quickly resulting in a homogeneous, uniform product.

vacuum mixer homogenizer emulsifier.jpg

Our factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about cosmetic machines as the vacuum emulsifying machines,please email via or browse our website
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