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Water Treatment
water treatment system Reverse osmosis underground water purification equipment RO Filter purifier

water treatment system Reverse osmosis underground water purification equipment RO Filter purifier

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The reverse osmosis system for water purification process is widely applied in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, also suitable for manufacture potable water equipment.
reverse osmosis water treament advantage:
1,the systerm occupy little space, easy to opreate, wide application range.
2,when used for disposing industrial water, the reverse osmosis device does not consume large amounts of acids and alkalis, snd hhere is no secondary pollution in addition, is operation cost is also low.
3,finshed water under good electric conductivity ,one stage ≤ 10us/cm,two stage around 2-3 us/cm,EDI ≤ 0.5us/cm (base on raw water ≤ 300us/cm.
4,imported parts account for 90%.

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Water Treatment
(1) full stainless steel frame, looks luxurious and delicate. This kind of machine can be used in drinking bottled water industrial area
(2) We can produce different productivity according to our customers' requirements, such as 1000L/h, 2000L/h...50,000L/h(liters per hour) etc.
(3) This machine can be used in food industrial area, bottled water area, beverage filling area, provide pure water for filling in food, beverage or medicine making area.
(4) source water is to be filted by quartz sand, activated carbon, pp sediment membranes(precision filter) and reverse osmosis membranes, we can use Hydranuatic brand or Dow Filmtec brand. At the same time, we can install Ultra Violet(UV) and ozone machine on the machine for killing germs, bacteria, so that keeping pure water fresh,no bacteria, so the pure water can be stored in PET/PC bottles for a long time.
(5) We have a team of professional technicians in our after-sale service department, so we can provide prompt on line service or service at your esteem company.
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: plywood packing case
Delivery Detail: 60 days, depending on the actual working days


For more information about our WATER PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT,plz feel free to contact us online or directly browse our another site  . Moreover we have succeeded in doing business with customers from many regions like Singapore ,Yemen,Algeria etc.Every time before we loaded the goods we will try the operation of RO water treatment equipments confirming all is okay can we delivery the WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM. About how the operation of water purifier we have uploaded the related video about trial operation into youtube ,whose link is
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